Relationship of Faith

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Mary, bearing the news of a lifetime, began the 25-mile journey south to the hill country of Judah. The angel told her that her cousin Elizabeth too was expecting a child. Here an old woman and unlikely to be with child and a very young unmarried girl both find solace in each other’s company. Both women with the most unusual of circumstances are brought together. Perhaps this news brought the two of them closer than they were before. The relationship between them was now more than of family; it was also a relationship of faith. 

Mary had plenty of time to think as she made the usual eight-hour walk to Elizabeth’s. She arrived in record time; haste marked her footprints from her home to Elizabeth’s. There was much to ponder and the walk did her good. This trip was more exercise of the spirit and soul that day than it was physical exercise. 

She had time to consider the angel’s message; there was so much to consider; certainly she pondered these things she journeyed. He had said that she was “…highly favored… blessed among women.” He told her the Lord was with her and she had favor with God. The angel spoke of God’s choice of a mother for His Son. He foretold His gender, name, and His Kingship on earth and of the eternal. The angel told of Jesus’ length of reign as King and His virgin birth. 

The moment of arrival came; Mary came to the door, and Elizabeth was in hearing distance. Possibly the six months of being with child were telling on her older cousin’s body. The sound of Mary’s voice made the forerunner of Jesus leap in Elizabeth’s womb. Elizabeth was delighted to hear from Mary. 

Elizabeth knew this was the mother of her Lord. Both of these women knew what was going on in each other’s lives. It was proper they be together. Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Ghost, spoke loudly. Elizabeth spoke of Mary’s favor, Mary’s faith, and Mary’s fruit. Mary must have listened in amazement as she received confirmation of the angel’s message. Elizabeth is the first person recorded in Scripture to accept Mary’s account of being with child of the Holy Ghost. 

Scripture records no words from Mary since the angel’s departure, save for her salutation being mentioned. Her first words represent the meditation of her heart and the inspiration of her spirit. “My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God, my Saviour.” She spoke with such clarity, conviction, and courage. 

Here, this lovely young woman, selected on earth by Joseph and in Heaven by God, tells her account of the Christmas story in 138 words. There was no manger yet, just a mother being used by God. No shepherds yet, just the announcement of the Lamb of God. No wise men on their way, just a mother worshipping God. Emotionally, Mary was affected by it all, yet God gave her great clarity as she spoke to Elizabeth. You could see the angel’s message touched her soul; his message moved her spirit. This was more than a warm and fuzzy moment; God had kept His word and sent the Messiah to His people and Mary knew it. 

Mary’s words reveal her knowledge of Scripture and her understanding of God’s eternal plan for His people. For Mary, this was a moment of reflection, rejoicing, and redemption. Mary’s innermost person, her soul, magnified the Lord as she recalled His goodness, His grace, and His glory. Mary’s spirit responded with rejoicing; God had remembered Israel with His strength, supply, and security. Mary's relationship with God was changed because of this moment. His Spirit was the Father of the child in her womb and the child in her womb was her Savior. 

This moment, captured in time for all to see, shows how Christ’s story should touch us. God’s plan for Man’s redemption led to this moment. When she considered it all, she said, “My soul doth magnify the Lord.” (The focus in on His person) “My spirit hath rejoiced in God.” (The focus in on His power/position) “My Savior” (The focus in on His pardon)

When you consider it all this season, is this a time where the testimony of your heart is revealed? Is Christmas the time where your heart reflects upon His person, His power and His pardon? Or is it the people, the presents, and the parties?